MODENA VOX came together in the winter of 2003 and within a matter of months had virtually stormed onto the music scene, sweeping across the Eastern United States captivating audiences with their energy-laden live set at venues from Boston to Nashville. After only three weeks of playing out together, the band won a showcasing slot at SXSW in Austin, where the organizers of the New England Music Organization (NEMO) took notice and invited them to play the prestigious music festival in Boston. In the interim MODENA VOX was moving at a frenetic pace making a name for themselves at some of the most sought after clubs in many of the country’s largest markets.

MODENA VOX is a rock and roll band that blends the distinctly appealing interplay of their two-part guitar melodies with the dance-fueled flow of their booming rhythm section to create their undeniably unique brand of music. The tangible feel of the introspective lyrics in each song lends to the enigmatic appeal of the band. Although their sound is at times reminiscent of some of the great predecessors that have influenced them, (The Cure, The Stone Roses, Felt, etc.), MODENA VOX manages to lay claim to what could be a new movement in music altogether; a movement that is borne of their collective sense of the song as a whole. The band fuses their dance sensibility with infectious hooks and sing-a-long melodies to create a sound not unlike the epic feel created by many of the great pop rock bands like Oasis, Blur, and The Rolling Stones. The appeal of their songs transcends conventional genre barriers. The music stands on its own as a culmination of the refreshing creativity and appeal of the members that make up the band MODENA VOX. The band has just finished production of its self-released EP ‘MODENA VOX' to compelling reviews and plans to tour even more in the year 2005.